A Journey to Health and Happiness –The 30 Second Elevator Version

HALosmHeather A Loucks

Some years ago I was paralyzed from neck to toes within a 12 hour period. After an agonizing year, 27 MD’s, 5 Neurologists & many diagnosis I awoke to a quest for a Happy and Healthy Life. A friend introduced me to some simple, practical & naturally safe technologies from an International Health Research & Development Institute.

So now I am in the business of helping people create their own “self-care sanctuary“, with environmental solutions that mimic  Mother Nature

By providing inner journeys for people to Be Well of Mind, of Body, of Soul

A Journey to Health and Happiness – The Longer Version

Former_HeatherIn 2008, I experienced a major health crisis, I became paralyzed  from neck to toes within a 12 hour period. I was in the hospital for a week and then at home for the next year with constant aching, swollen, stiff, pervading and ever expanding agony throughout my entire body unable to move anything except my head and neck.

The paralysis and immobility was present 27-29 out of every 30 days for the next year as I was treated by 27 doctors, alternative practitioners and other medical professionals. l was prescribed narcotics, steroids, anti-depressants, pain killers, sleeping pills and other medications. I was tested, poked and punctured, told I had and was treated for MS, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, cancer and Guillain-Barre while some just said “who knows, we can’t help you”.

My body had revolted; it had damaged part of my thyroid, pancrea and the myelin sheaths from covering my nerves.  I was unable to think, remember, sleep or walk. I forgot how to turn on a faucet or put a key in a lock. My thermostat was aleep and I wore my fur coat in the summer, when someone touched me I felt as if I was being punched.

On one of the days I was able to get about, about 11 months  after that devastating day, I was standing in my herbal  tea corner, I woke up to find 17 pills in my hand. I looked up in the cabinet and saw my name on all of those Rx bottles. I could not believe where I was, Being ill physically, mentally and emotionally 97% of the time was terrifying and so overwhelming.

I remembered Dr. Emoto’s work with water and that our bodies are about 75% water. I thought if I can find water that is structured the same as my body it stood to reason that I would only have to work on the remaining 25%, that was doable for me. Water would naturally be absorbed by my cells. I researched and re-discovered Nikken who now had filtered; Ph balanced, mineralized and magnetized PiMag Living Water.

Current_HeatherI became a member, purchased the PiMag water, a Kenko comforter and a Kenko Air purifier, I improved tremendously 70 -75%! A year later I began Dr. Narain Naidu’s revolutionary all natural Bone Replenishment system for my scoliosis (abnormal curvature of the spine), to help my 4 time broken and 4 time surgically repaired leg, and slipped discs along with osteoporosis. I improved another 15-20%!

I have always been “chunky and heavy.” Ssomeone even said I was morbidly obese! During that year of paralysis I had gained more and then maintained a weight of 222 pounds. I have tried and failed at many diets since a teenager. Another dear friend invited me to try a plan. My first shipment of Vital Balance came in March of 2013. I have followed the Vital Balance Eating Plan Protocol since then and I do the plan 7 days at a time. That is how I lost 81 pounds in 8 months. The best part is I am able to walk through my woods each and every day, and oh what a joy that is!

My visit with my Western medical Doctor in September 2013 confirmed my decision to stay on the Kenzen Vital Balance plan for my health although in March of 2013 it was against his better judgment. I was pre-diabetic with numerous other baffling symptoms. He feels otherwise now as lab work showed my ketones were good, thyroid good, skin is “Great” (no sagging), and my blood and sugar levels are in healthy ranges as well. Having a Doctor on my team helped. Consult with a Doctor to confirm together your body’s ability to return to homeostasis. You will AMAZE them.

I am proud of my healthy lifestyle and grateful to be living in a Wellness Home. I gladly use our balancing technologies and nutritionals daily. My memory has returned, my energy is phenomenal even though I am in my 50’s I feel like a vibrant 30 year old!

Thank-you to all of my Nikken family for giving me my life back! Thanks to all my friends and family and medical professionals for being with me on my journey to a healthier and happier me! I now have a conduit for my passion to help people remember their Harmony and Balance of their Health and Well-Being reconnecting Body, Mind and Spirit!

I help people create Self-Care Sanctuary’s – healthy environments of healthy air, water, sleep, nutrition, pain relief even pet health.

Mentoring, supporting and empowering All on the Pathways for Discovery of Self brings great Joy and Peace to my Heart.

Love From My Heart to Your Heart – Heather A Loucks  A∀

I am available 8am-8pm Eastern Time (518) 848-6322 talk & text


From my Heart to Yours – Heather A Loucks

Co-Creating Self Care Sanctuary’s

providing inner journeys…

Be Well of Mind, of Body, of Soul