Be Well….of Mind, of Soul, of Body

5 Vital ENERGIES For The New YOU!!!

#1) Magnetic Insoles = Earth Energy

-Just like Mother Earth has a North and a South Pole so does every cell in Our Body

– When wearing magnetic Insoles on Our feet ALL Our cells naturally align, creating a harmonious energy field in the body for proper functioning and for Our Vital ENERGY to flow.

– “Inner Soles” helps me feel like I’m Walking in Nature: one of my favorite activities

#2) PiMag Living Water

-We are approximately 75% water, Our Brains +- 85%, Our Blood +-95%

Good Water is filtered of toxins, alkaline with essential minerals: PiMag Water Technology

Drink ½ Your Body weight in Oz’s of PiMag Water DAILY

for proper flow, flush, nutrient absorption and re-balancing

–  Cement although supporting our homes and businesses drains all living Beings of its Agua/Water

Give Your Body the Fuel it requires, PiMag Water – Living Water

  • Good Reads “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water” by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj

Pi-Water: The Water of Life” by Shinji Makino, Ph.D.

 #3 Pink Himalaya Salt or Real Salt

These salts will replenish many if not all of the Essential Minerals missing in Our Food and Water.

  • Good Read “Common Sense about Salt and Water” By Phil Offerle

#4 Jade Greenzymes

Mother Nature’s only complete Whole Food for Mammals

A Go To Food when I feel tired, hungry or stuck….  I am so Grateful for Greenzymes as they helped me cleanse and feed my cells in the recovery of paralysis

-Good Read “The Essential Guide to Green Barley Extract” Preface by Patrick Millsap


#5 Your Birth Right to Your Own Wisdom Breath & Ask Exercise

You Know Your Self the Best …. Right?

Have You ever asked Your Self:

“What would support Me now?”   “What can I do now to Help MySelf?”

or “What Would Be the Best choice for Me Now?”

Learn How to Ask for Your  Perfect Answers! &  receive Your Birth Rights 

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