What is Emotion Code?

Emotion_CodeWhat is Emotion Code? The Emotion Code gently removes stress trapped in the body.These blockages can become trapped following events charged with stress or emotion.Trapped emotions can be created from traumatic events, but also everyday events such as being told off for lateness or being jilted on a date. They can effect our thoughts, feelings, and choices. Trapped emotions can also be connected with pain and disease. They often become trapped in areas where the body is weaker due to injury or infection. The Emotion Code compliments medical treatment and can be used for releasing physical tension, pain and emotions such as anxiety.

Trapped emotions can also gather around the heart, forming a “heart wall,” which can affect our ability to connect with others and feel loved ourselves, to know what we really want in life and to achieve it.

 This remarkable technique was developed by holistic physician Dr Bradley Nelson who found an emotional link to many of the problems which clients sought treatment for. We may not be consciously aware of these underlying causes to problems. Trapped emotional energies are identified through muscle testing and released using magnetic healing via the body’s energy pathways called meridians. It is a gentle, yet profoundly effective technique. Sessions are specifically targeted to whatever is not flowing in your life.

About The Emotion Code

spiral_colorsThe brain works in 2 modes the conscious and the unconscious (subconscious).

The conscious part works with all the things that we are aware of. The unconscious stores Every single thing that you have ever experienced in your whole life from before birth to now. This has been demonstrated during brain surgery, when areas of the brain are electrically stimulated and patients have experienced full technicolour memories of events they barely remember. This part of your brain also runs your breathing, digestion, body repairs, infection control etc. these all go on in the background.

 To stop you going into overload your brain has come up with a clever way of protecting you. Only 10% of your brain is used in your day to day awareness (conscious self). The other 90% is the unconscious where you run your body, and store all of your experiences and emotions. The link between the two is your memory. However, memory can be unreliable and sometimes slow. ‘Gut’ feelings are partial memories from your unconscious, to your conscious mind that get through quickly.

 We can choose to ‘forget’ certain events completely because they are too difficult to deal with. The emotions linked to these events can become ‘trapped’. We are no longer consciously aware of them, but they are still in the unconscious mind. Trapped emotions can also cause physical pain anywhere in the body, drawing attention to emotions that need dealing with. It is these trapped emotions that we identify and release using the Emotion code.

What is a Heart Wall?

Another way the body stores trapped emotions. Historically, love is the emotion of the heart. But the words ‘heart felt’ and ‘heart broken’ tell us more. We can actually feel things in the heart. If someone threatens us physically or verbally it can be felt like a blow in the heart. We can shield the heart (our feelings) from being damaged. We protect ourselves by building an energy wall around the heart. We add layers to the ‘wall’ for each emotion stored there. The many layers can be surprisingly thick. A heart wall can make it more difficult to feel love for others and accept love given by others.

How does it work?

By using a precision made, double magnetic roller. When an emotion is brought into the conscious brain, using kinesiology, it causes an imbalance in the governor meridian (the area that stores emotions in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture). The specialized magnetic roller corrects the imbalance. As it travels down the back, the spinning magnets inside the roller generate a magnetic field that balances the energy flow in the meridian and the emotion is released.

How will this help me?

The release of trapped emotions enables you to react more positively in difficult situations. It can reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Physically, release can alleviate symptoms aggravated by trapped emotions The most common reaction after trapped emotions have been released is the sense of a great weight having been lifted, a sense of lightness, happiness and contentment. Long term, the brain will process all the information formerly attached to the trapped emotions properly. It allows you to become the truly amazing person you were always meant to be, without being held back by your emotions.

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